This passage is from the chapter entitled "Absolutism" 

the puppet wrote these words next;

There is no world separate to the one enclosed by the senses five.
All hail Mono! Escape the trap of solipsism!
Suffering is the fuel for happiness.
All hope lies in perception, the key.
Sit on a throne made of garbage.
Luxury tastes sweetest to a man fed on poverty.
Pain is borne from the clockwork of pleasure.
The planet sits in a labyrinth. Space is an illusion.
Imagination can make fiction into fact.
Society is a penny arcade of sadism. The world is an amusement park.
Shake off the flames of Hell. Crawl into a strawberry.
The universe is an abstraction. Reality is a carnival trick.
A paradigm can be changed just as easily as a pair of spectacles.
Science is no more true than the truth of this line.
The answer to the riddle of eternity is death.
Lust is a drone to his Queen.
Desire is the oil that lubricates the machine.
There is nothing separate to nature.
Civilization is a rusty wooden shoe on the staircase of the absolute.
God is locked up in an isolation chamber in the criminal madhouse.
Regret is an indication of a diseased mind.
The mind is the universe. Hide it away in a secret drawer.
Vanity is a leprosy on pools of gasoline.
The road to paradise is paved with suffering.
Eat of the root mandrake, fly into the purple haze.
Make the world thy school, give sermons on street corners.
Paradise is a drop in the mindís eye. A watery lens. Dream like.
Intoxicate thyself in a pleasure dome of emerald leaf and somniferum.
Open the wooden box and into the outside step.
Greed is a monster that weeps too much.
Let those who are violent play together.
Envy is unknown to the one who wanders in paradise.
Enjoy the riddle by solving it.
The wicked are those who break their own ethics.
The criminals and the mad are the real heroes.
Fantasy was once the greatest pleasure of the hedonists.
Even the walls of a prison cell can be a heaven.
Hatred is more inevitable than pity given the situation.
Kill yourself at the moment of death.
A game of solitaire is best played with others.
The longer road leads to the higher place.
A religion is best built from a myriad.
The best puppet is the one that doesnít need strings.
Angels are most often degenerates and radicals.
The illusion of fire is so perfect that it burns.
Wars are no more inevitable than a dragonfly.
Rare is the dictator who lives modestly.
The church is a dangerous place for a weak mind.
The velvet hand of corruption will be slapped.
Truth embraces falsity with pleasure.
Time too will die when the world collapses.
The hermit need not be a misanthrope.
One never knows what is happening in anotherís mind.
History is better seen as a series of inventions than as the progression of nations.
Wise is the fool who knows that he is a fool.
The cinema will be the last refuge for the wicked ones.
Science is killing the imagination. Technology is setting it free.
When it snows, the wanderer wears a saturnine cloak of ermine.
The fountain of youth is in your head.
The wooden ladder is better than the metallic one.
Europe is a bitch at rest. America is a bitch that is still barking.
Some games are best won by not playing them.
Human nature is no excuse for wickedness.
There is no problem.
The wise hesitate to identify themselves as such.
A flower will forsake the dirt it once needed.
Only the pure will persevere beyond death.

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