This passage is from the beginning of the book

It laat that first nochy waz when I for the first krat with Oliver setkat did. I but one revelo in that prostor had been and I for a plek zooking waz where I my hlava zetten could. I still not shura waz of like the doovod for my kvamming that vereld to - and in that minoota visted I not yet that I now in a vereld skoping waz. It a zvlashtni passing had been. One minoota was I a kamer in and the next, below a kubrick my hlava with sterren splattered. At once did I merken that I in this prostor been had not and I did what I always do when I not shura am - I into my kapsa for something zooked that I into my dymka zetten could, but vinden did that I but kline puder had. Still, what kline bit I had did I into the dymka zetten and then with lucifer did I the bool into flama brengen. In wondero waz it then that I in the same prostor remained even after I the smoak from my longen exhalen had. I shura am that my bratras from Babble shall my wonderment stand. I however into a vereld stappen had and , as you visten may, the narko puders in a different fashion in such a prostor werken do. No langer waz I the dromeskope in but I it visted not and naturelike assumed that I still droming waz. Kline did I on that revelo visten. So like any drome in, I the klaar kurs taken did.- I decided that it best waz the scenario to like skopen. I now for some loll zooking waz as is my zveek when I to a novy plek kvammen have.

My slovos for your mozek perhaps zvlashtni are - that is if you from the toren hail not. Of this taaluage do I maken use for it my narotaal is - the taal that the moniker Kodanse drags. And it for my bratras is that I this vidka skriyf. And yet vist I not when or where I with my bratras again setkat shall - and nor do I vist how many mensen we maken do for I a lange klock from my doma weg been have. Many many revelos has it been since I in the toren skopen have - so lange has it been since I into the dromeskope kvome - so it no wondero is that I but kline kans have had to like my narotaal sprekken. When one on a sesta goes, one other taals sprekken must as I leren have and which also pravda waz this vereld in. Even this vereld in did one often with a mens setkat who another taal sprekken did and of which you neither drak nor triangle maken could. In this way waz this vereld very much the toren like - a prostor with taaluages full up. It without hopa however waz not for there many connexions were these taaluages between. Even that first revelo could I some slovos stand. In that vereld they a taaluage sproke that the monniker Engels dragged and this Engels very much like Kodaanse waz. Still it nutno waz to like this taaluage leren as you zien shall if you this vidka continue to lezen do.

Down the kubrick lezelled I and onto the straat below. No mensen could I in the blizko zien but still did my grip into my kapsa go to shura maken that my vapens by my side were. It nutno is not to xplicate the doovod for this action - my bratras it well vist, just how handig a noosh or pooshka is the youniverse in. Even though no mensen in the blizko were, I in trepido forwards loped my grip on my noosh firmly. Klaar to my oken waz it that for the first krat waz I in this prostor skoping - so others the atmosfera curtained. A most zvlashtni atmosfera at that - xpecially the hemel which now of its dome bereft waz. Indeed waz that zvlashtni and most so. Zvlashtni too were the budovas that before my okos now curtained had. Great fourkant strukturas high into the blauwe hemel their weg making.. The straat I waz now on tovards one of these netvors veded and I langs it loped. This budova lower than the others waz and, in the endgame, I upon its sklo port kvome. Above the port a large znachka waz upon which the slovo “Biblio” skreyven been had...

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