Confessions of a Dutch Drug User was written over the period of 3 years in three different countries; The Czech Republic, Canada and The Netherlands. Essentially a philosophical look at the subject, the book also deals with the writer’s absurd and surreal experiences with both soft and hard drugs, illegal and legal. The book also follows, at times, the form of a diary and we peek into the world of the user and dealer as he searches for new products for himself and his customers. We also get a glimpse into how the drug scene functions in different parts of the world. The writer has much to tell about the cultivation, importation, trafficking and using of these most forbidden substances. From the hash dens of Amsterdam to the poppy fields of Eastern Europe, from Denmark to America, the narrator seems to have sampled just about everything available on the black market these days. Drugs like heroin and magic mushrooms are given consideration as are legal favorites like alcohol and nicotine. The writer knows of what he speaks for he has first hand experience in most aspects of underground drug culture. And what an extreme and strange tale he tells.

The novel, if it can be called that, begins in the writer's apartment. He reports that he has just emptied a small plastic bag and we wonder what drug it may have contained. The writer offers his views on a wide variety of drugs as the tale unfolds including MDMA, L.S.D., morphine, uppers and downers, grass and opium. He presents us a view from the streets and not just of one country but of several. From scoring psychedelics in Amsterdam to cultivating marijuana in Czech, a dizzying portrait of the drug user emerges as we see him search and search for new and more exotic drugs wherever his life may take him. Finally he moves back to Holland, the drug user's paradise, where he finds a strange church where he can get high grade heroin for a very cheap price. He has made his way back home and has escaped capture by the police.

What makes this book different than most of the books that have been published on drugs is that it puts drug use in an overwhelmingly positive light. The writer may be a frequent user of all drugs, hard and soft, but he reports only positive benefits from their use. Drugs are presented as tools to aid in personal and spiritual development. He also deals with issues like discrimination, the criminal problem, and the history of drug use and the laws against it. While the book is pro drug, it does not promote drug use.

Passage from Confessions of a Dutch Drug User

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