Narajama is a progressive rock band from The Czech Republic that formed in 1991 with the members Petr Valos(guitar), Petr Goldman(drums), Igor Judas(bass), and Michal Mihal(vocals). They recorded their first album in 1993 and it was called “Webs”. Towards the end of this year the guitarist and singer left the band and the remaining members joined with Roman Kouril(guitar), Bohdana Petru(dulcimer) and Milan Bilovsky(vocals).

The band recorded its second album called “Vytancuj Chmury”(Dance off the Frowns) which was professionally released by Indies Records in 1996. One year later, the band released their third cd on the same label and it was called “V Tom Vine Je Nalhano”(The Wine Bears Lies)

The sound of Narajama has progressed over time and has changed with each album. Their early offerings are reflective of an interest in hard rock while their second and third album, tend to be more eclectic and borrow from different traditions like Jazz, Folk, Rock and Alternative music. These albums are also marked by the introduction of instruments not usually heard in a rock context like the dulcimer and flute. They have been compared to groups like King Crimson and Genesis in the sense that their music is hard to label and endeavors to be atmospheric. The classic rock song format is rarely to be found on these albums. There is a real individuality with this group and their music, though it is a blend of different styles, is overwhelmingly original. They have a sound of their own and it is well seasoned by the individuality of each of the members.

The response to Narajama has been positive and they have been reviewed in rock magazines and other print media. They have also made a couple of television appearances and they are ranked as one of a number of Czech groups prominent in the Alternative music scene.

Narajama has played over 150 performances at clubs and festivals in The Czech Republic. They have also played abroad in countries like Hungary and Holland. They are currently preparing for their fourth CD and hope to tour Canada in the year to come.

Their fourth cd demonstrates an even further maturation of their sound. For this album they have introduced keyboards and the violin figures prominently. They also continue to work with the visual artist Tjepkema who does the artwork for their cd covers.

Listen to this sample from Narajama's 2nd album

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