Lessendgame rules

1. Under no circumstances can the participant be threatened either physically or mentally. Nor can the participant be unduly distressed.

2. Participant must be willing to be part of the Lessendgame. Waivers shall be signed at some point in the beginning stages.

3. No product or company shall be promoted by way of incidental advertising. All incidental advertising shall be removed from the works within the Lessendgame.

4. Questionnaires must be filled out in full and explored with the participant.

5. No age restrictions apply per se. However, some Lessendgames are intended for adults. All international, federal, provincial, state and local laws apply.

6. In the event of illicit drug use, the participants must themselves decide whether or not to break the law. The Lessendgame takes no responsibility for illegal drug use.

7. Secret cameras and hidden recording devices can be used only if permission has been granted by all participants in the Lessendgame. Devices can be secretly used only once said permission has been granted.

8. All references to artists* must be footnoted and referenced in writing. This includes persons who are dead.

9. Fake identities are permitted but impersonation is not. All persons in the Lessendgame must be credited if participation beyond “normal” duties is required. ie. if they act in the Lessendgame. In the case of a clerk or ticket collector, for example, they would not normally be credited or be required to be credited. If their involvement goes beyond such “normal” duties, however, then they must be credited.

10. The participant must not be physically touched in any way unless said contact is invited.

11. No participant or involved person is required to perform any act that is contrary to any religious, moral, philosophical or political belief.

12. All slander and hate crime laws exist in the parameters of the Lessendgame.

13. All philosophical decisions related to the parameters of Lessendgames will be decided by B. Tjepkema or the person appointed by his authority.

14. No participant shall be in any way locked in or confined. Although some doors or ways may be locked, an exit must always be provided and in no way unduly obfuscated.

15. Children can participate in Lessendgames only if permission by the parent(s) has been granted. Children are not permitted to work as employees of a Lessendgame. Participation must be voluntary and financial payment for said participation is prohibited.

16. The participant has the right to edit their part in the final cultural product ( film or otherwise ) The author/director of the Lessendgame reserves the right to exhibit (or not exhibit) said edited work.

17. Deception is permitted but must be done in accordance with above rules. At some point the participant must be told of such falsehoods.

18. No sexual act can be part of a Lessendgame. Nudity is also to be avoided. In some cases, however, an exception can be made.

19. Lessendgames should not be profitable enterprises. No piece of a Lessendgame shall be sold. All monies shall be used in the financing of the Lessendgame. Any excess money must also be invested or, in lieu of reinvestment, given to charity. 

20. Lessendgames must not be associated with any political or religious organizations.

21. The ending of a Lessendgame is always open. The author/director reserves the right to continue with the Lessendgame.

22. The cultural products of the Lessendgame can be altered at any time but only under the supervision of the author/director.

23. Improvisation of scripted action or dialogue is strictly forbidden unless explicitly invited.

24. Hierarchies of authority will be strictly followed in the execution of a Lessendgame. Commands will be absolute and not subject to input or debate.

25.  Codes of secrecy can be implemented. Certain information can be deemed classified.

26. Breaking any of these rules may or may not result in a participant’s removal from the Lessendgame.

27. No surnames will be used in any part of a Lessendgame. Under this definition of Lessendgame, credits are considered to be outside the artwork.

28. Scholarly intensive critical interpretations of the Lessendgames will be supervised by the author(s)/director(s)

29. Use of the name Lessendgame in any artwork must be authorized by B. Tjepkema. Plagiarism of the concept or title will be vigorously prosecuted.  

30. What is or is not part of a Lessendgame will be determined by its author/director.

31. All Lessendgames must be approved by B. Tjepkema or by someone appointed on his authority.

32. Hidden audiences are permitted provided general permission has been given by the participant.

33. These rules are subject to change at any time and without notice upon the authority of B. Tjepkema.

*an artist in this sense can mean a writer, painter, film maker, musician, architect or anybody directly related in a creative facet within the artistic context of a Lessendgame.   


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