†††††††† sending blair to the fair


Iíve decided to write this document not only as a prelude to, but also as a layer of, a larger artwork. It is also possible that these plans, to be subsequently detailed, shall not come to fruition in which case this document shall stand as a skeletal blueprint of the complex work I an presently conceiving. A certain element of improvisation would thus be absent as would various esoteric and more fundamental facets of this artwork. The only thing hampering its complete realization is a certain lack of finances. A bare minimum is required to facilitate the execution of the workís main components and I should not think to begin without at least this amount. More money could of course allow for an expansion of the work and we shall have to wait to see what happens. This shall be my first work of this kind and Iíve already begun designing more elaborate lessendgames, the general title Iíve ascribed to these projects, but only time will tell of their execution and success. Iím beginning to realize the advantage of being rich and have thus been taking steps to reach this position. Not that my work would ever really change, for once a top hat man always a top hat man, only that I could then take it to other levels. Money, or the lack thereof, has always played a role in my art anyway.

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